Eclipse 2017

Welcome to the Logan County Public Library’s Eclipse 2017 page!

 What is a solar eclipse?

A solar eclipse is when the moon crosses between the earth and the sun, blocking some of the sun and making it look like a bite was taken out of it. A total solar eclipse is when the moon completely covers the sun, casting a shadow on the earth.

While the sun is far larger than the moon, it is also further away, making them seem the same size and allowing the moon to completely block out the sun’s light under the perfect circumstances, but the shadow that the moon casts is extremely small, only about 50 miles wide.

What is happening in August?

We have the perfect circumstances.

For the first time since 1979, the mainland United States is directly in the path of totality (when the sun is completely covered by the moon) and we here in Logan County have a world-class seat. On August 21, the moon’s shadow will cross the United States, from Oregon to South Carolina with the longest coverage only 35 miles west of here in Hopkinsville with a total eclipse time of 2 minutes and 40 seconds. Everyone in the US will be able to see the Sun partially blocked, but only those of us in the path of totality will see the stars in the day time.

Why should I watch at the library?

We have partnered with the Kentucky Science Center to bring you fun events and learning all day leading up to the big event. Since the Sun will be partially eclipsed for over an hour before being completely blocked, you must have eclipse glasses to look at it, which we will be providing. We will also be in shadow for 2 minutes and 27 seconds, so if you will be north of Russellville, you are highly encouraged to join us; you’ll have a longer viewing time that way.

Best of all? Everything is free on a first come, first served basis.

Doors to the building will open at 7am. Get here early for parking.

Want to know where the eclipse falls on YOUR house? Click here for an interactive eclipse map.

Are you an educator?  Click here to visit NASA’s education resources page